Care About Your Customer–Now That’s What I Am Talking About!

With the abrupt closings of both Arizona locations of McCormick and Schmick’s, I starting to get a flurry of emails because I had an event scheduled at the Phoenix location for Thursday- Jan 12th. The restaurants closed on January 3rd, without warning. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from my sales and catering contact the next day, offering to help find a replacement so I wasn’t left hanging. I also received a call from the corporate office today, making sure that I was taken care of and that I had a replacement location.

I know this is really something a company SHOULD do…it’s not really something for which they should be receiving a pat on the back. But I just don’t see great customer service anymore, even in these tough days of our economy and even when that would be a very easy way to differentiate yourself from other companies in these tough times.

So I appreciated the gesture from Landry’s Inc. THIS is what I have been talking about all these months…take care of your customers! 

Please contact Anna Brice at Pinnacle Peak Marketing, Scottsdale AZ about Marketing for Small/Medium Business.

Phone: 480-661-0292


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