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Happy Monday! Enjoy the articles of that struck my interest from last week’s readings. And have a great week.

8 Tips for Small Business Homepage Design
Good advice for making a first impression with your website’s home page. Small business doesn’t have the budget of large corporations, so every little bit of an advantage helps.

Planning your exit strategy by increasing value
I am always talking about having a plan—a business plan and a marketing plan. It’s difficult to be successful in business without proper planning. This article talks about another important plan for your business. It’s an exit strategy. There are very good points in the article.

How to Successfully Manage Your Online Reputation
Managing your online reputation is a job in itself, but it is very important. If you spent a large amount of time building your reputation, be sure you know what is being said about you and your company online. We have always had to monitor word-of-mouth chatter about our business and ourselves, now we must do the same for online chatter.

How to Combine A Personal And Business Trip Without Angering Uncle Sam
There is good information about staying on the good side of the IRS when it comes to business travel expenses, particularly when there is an additional element of leisure travel during the business trip.

7 Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free
Take advantage of all free tools available to get the word out about your business online. Technology has leveled the playing field more than ever today. Use the available technology.

How to Overcome Startup Fears
The points in this article are quite thought-provoking. It will help you determine if you are an entrepreneur. It will also show you what fears may be irrational. It’s worth reading.

How Small Companies Are Marketing Through Facebook
This is a good article about small business using Facebook. It was interesting to see they way these 3 businesses used it and how they were successful. It shows social being social.

How Entrepreneurs Can Connect With Twitter Influentials
There are good tips in here about Twitter influencers and how to connect with them. Do you know these people? Should you know these people?

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About Anna Brice, Pinnacle Peak Marketing

I am an Independent Marketing Services Provider and Principal of Pinnacle Peak Marketing. Pinnacle Peak Marketing provides companies, small and large, the opportunity to utilize a reliable outsource marketing resource and take advantage of the flexibility of the full menu of marketing services we provide. Clients can pick and choose the precise services they require and only contract for those specific services. This is what I refer to as On-Demand Marketing Services. Our work includes long and short-term projects or can be done on an hourly, retainer or project-by-project basis. I am a marketing professional with 13 years experience in the travel industry and 11 years in marketing. My past experience includes marketing management roles at Sony Electronics, Fujifilm and I have worked in every level of marketing and the experience at each level has served me well. I continue to learn and in marketing today, the changes are so swift and dramatic, that one must continue to learn in order to survive and thrive. I work with a group of professionals and we work together and separately and are able to provide a wealth of knowledge and resources as a combined group. My husband, Ed and I also have two vacation rentals in Scottsdale and one vacation rental home in Edgartown- Katama in Martha’s Vineyard. We rent these properties through our company, BREO Vacation Rentals ( It is great fun and we have been very lucky with great renters. We have had only one bad experience, so we really can’t complain. We have been very lucky to get many repeat renters (all of our properties now have had repeat renters), so we feel like we must be doing something right. We do try hard, that’s for sure. I am never far from marketing, between Pinnacle Peak Marketing and BREO Vacation Rentals. I enjoy it, love it and have a goal to help companies grow; connect those companies with their customers and their customers to them.
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