Great Customer Service in Action…What a Treat!

I have spoken much about great customer service because I believe it should be part of every company’s marketing plan and I think it needs to be a priority, much more than it is for many, many companies. There are very high-profile companies that DO make it a priority and these are the organizations that will endure for the long-term as a result of customer loyalty.

Do you know how much it costs to acquire new customers? A LOT more than it does to retain current customers! I am seeing different numbers for this stat and it stands to reason that it varies by industry—it can be anywhere from 5 times to 7 times the amount of retaining a current customer.

Why would you want to “double-spend” and not do all you can to keep your current customers? You already spent once to acquire them the first time.

I have had so many bad customer service experiences that when I experience a great one, I have to talk about it. Unsatisfactory customer service that I personally experience makes me stop doing business with that company. More customers need to stop doing business with organizations that do not take care of their customers.

What car rental company do you use, consistently and every time you have a car rental need?

I use Enterprise Rent-A-Car and this is why. This is not meant to be a commercial for Enterprise and I have no stake in the company whatsoever.

I started using them because of their rental rates and I continue to use them because of their rentals rate AND their fantastic customer service. I have now rented with them in 6 different locations—Boston Airport, Providence Airport, Albuquerque Airport, New Jersey neighborhood location, Maui Airport and Los Angeles Airport. The reason I am writing about them in this blog post is that, with this last rental this past weekend, they have consistently pleased each and every time at 6 different locations. They go out of their way to please and it shows.

  • This can only happen when a company makes the customer the central focus of their operation and all that they do.
  • This can only happen when a company has a corporate culture that truly believes the customer is king and queen.
  • This can only happen when a company empowers their employees to please the customer on their own without any required approvals first.

It’s obvious to me that “treating their customers right” is at the center of what Enterprise Holdings believes. Alamo and National Car Rentals are part of the Enterprise Holdings group and together they hold 3 of the top 4 positions in customer satisfaction (J.D. Power and Associates) with Hertz also in the mix. Enterprise holds the top spot for 7 years straight.

Do you know the old saying “guilt by association”? Often you (or your company) are judged by the company you keep. In that case, Enterprise is mightily happy (I am sure) to be in the company of some of these names and many more. And deservedly so!

–Four Seasons–Ritz Carlton–Zappos–Nordstrom–Cadillac–Wegman’s Food Market–Lexus—

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