Motivating People

In a business setting, it’s not always grand, expensive gestures that motivate employees. Small tokens and offerings often mean the most to people and give the greatest sense of satisfaction. And when a professional is satisfied, that translates into productivity.

It literally costs nothing (or very little) to:

It literally costs nothing (or very little) to:

  • Say “thank you for a job well done”.
  • Say “congratulations on a job well done”.
  • Do right by your employees and team—this can be as simple as keeping people informed about company direction or decisions or empowering them to make decisions in their position.
  • Keep promises you make—if a raise or promotion is due, do not delay it unless you have given notice well in advance.
  • Be transparent—no one will be surprised by certain moves or decisions.
  • Gather the team for lunch, ice cream, donuts etc. on a regular basis.
  • Give increased responsibilities or desired projects to well-deserved employees.
  • Say “leave early today because you have been working so hard”.
  • Give a comp day off when the team has been pulling “all-nighters” or many extra hours on a particular project.
  • Treat people like the professionals they are.
  • Support your employees and team—if you have their back and support their decisions, they will appreciate your efforts on their behalf.
  • Mentor those who ask.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Provide advice when asked, to those less experienced than you.
  • Respect others, no matter what their job position.

This is not to say motivation doesn’t also come from planned bonuses, salary compensation or gifts. But do not forget about the small, “free” gestures or avoid them altogether because you think they are not worth as much as the cash bonus or gift. Find the right mix of the “paid” and “free” tokens of appreciation and be genuine in your offerings of these gestures—you will touch the human being in your employee. It’s human nature to be wanted, appreciated and receive approval.

None of the thing listed above really cost anything (except for the cost of ice cream, donuts or a couple of hours or extra day off). And I know each will go a long way in good feelings and job satisfaction.

Please contact Anna Brice at Pinnacle Peak Marketing, Scottsdale AZ about Marketing for Small/Medium Business.

Please contact Anna Brice at Pinnacle Peak Marketing, Scottsdale AZ about Marketing for Small/Medium Business.

Phone: 480-661-0292


About Anna Brice, Pinnacle Peak Marketing

I am an Independent Marketing Services Provider and Principal of Pinnacle Peak Marketing. Pinnacle Peak Marketing provides companies, small and large, the opportunity to utilize a reliable outsource marketing resource and take advantage of the flexibility of the full menu of marketing services we provide. Clients can pick and choose the precise services they require and only contract for those specific services. This is what I refer to as On-Demand Marketing Services. Our work includes long and short-term projects or can be done on an hourly, retainer or project-by-project basis. I am a marketing professional with 13 years experience in the travel industry and 11 years in marketing. My past experience includes marketing management roles at Sony Electronics, Fujifilm and I have worked in every level of marketing and the experience at each level has served me well. I continue to learn and in marketing today, the changes are so swift and dramatic, that one must continue to learn in order to survive and thrive. I work with a group of professionals and we work together and separately and are able to provide a wealth of knowledge and resources as a combined group. My husband, Ed and I also have two vacation rentals in Scottsdale and one vacation rental home in Edgartown- Katama in Martha’s Vineyard. We rent these properties through our company, BREO Vacation Rentals ( It is great fun and we have been very lucky with great renters. We have had only one bad experience, so we really can’t complain. We have been very lucky to get many repeat renters (all of our properties now have had repeat renters), so we feel like we must be doing something right. We do try hard, that’s for sure. I am never far from marketing, between Pinnacle Peak Marketing and BREO Vacation Rentals. I enjoy it, love it and have a goal to help companies grow; connect those companies with their customers and their customers to them.
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